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Top Notch Cutting Fluids

Premier Poly-Cut™

Premier Poly-Cut™ has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus that may affect this product.  Together, they insure the longest sump life possible (six months or longer in most cases.)  Premier Poly-Cut™ works remarkably well in machining steel, aluminum, copper alloys, zinc, tool steel, Inconel ® and other nickel and chrome base alloys.  It dissipates heat better than any other product on the market and, with the polymer additives, will eliminate welding or chip build-up on your inserts and end-mills giving an exceptional finish.  When machining aluminum, Premier Poly-Cut™ will provide a superior finish much like kerosene and oil but without the hazards.  Our products are also highly recommended for grinding carbide and gummy tool steels using a vitrified bonded wheel, without loading.  Premier Poly-Cut™ will not stain or corrode ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, plastics, ceramics, rubber or titanium.  This product is clean to work with and will not smoke, stain skin or clothing or cause dermatitis
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